The ManePuller is designed for discerning riders and grooms who pull their horse's mane. The ManePuller is better than a pulling comb, allowing the groom to achieve a show-quality pulled mane, easier, faster, with less stress to groom and horse, and with NO FINGER PAIN and NO WRIST PAIN.

Created by veterinarian Dr. David Sequist, the patented ManePuller is the first mane thinning device that is designed to make mane pulling easy, less painful, and less stressful for both groom and horse. The ManePuller remains the only mane thinning tool that truly pulls the mane from the root (rather than cutting it) for a perfect, show-quality mane. Pulling manes can be tedious, stressful and painful but the ManePuller makes pulling manes easy. It is hands down the easiest way to pull a mane and much easier and less painful than using a pulling comb.



"We don't know who liked the product better - the horses or the testers..."
John Lyon's Perfect Horse


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