Pulling manes is a must if you want your horse's mane to look the best it possibly can. And trimming, no matter how close to the root, just doesn't cut it.

You don't have to dread pulling any longer: Pull regularly so your horse doesn't have to stand in one spot for too long, and use the ManePuller pulling device which will save your fingers and wrists and will make your pulling faster.

Here are some more useful pulling tips:

  1. Pull after exercising. That is when your horse is usually warmer and the pores of the skin are open. The hair will pull out easier.
  2. Always remove the hair from the underside of the mane and never use scissors.
  3. Comb through the mane to detangle it or to release any knots. Some people like to lay the mane over on the wrong side to comb out as well.
  4. Return the mane to the proper side and comb out again. Some people say you should work from one end of the mane to the other, but I find that it is better to mix it up so your horse pays less attention to the pattern of your mane pulling. We train our horses to dislike mane pulling by not incorporating it into his regular maintenance program. I find a set pattern contributes to his awareness of the tug and pull. Start by assessing where the longest hairs are and start from there.
  5. Take hold of the long hair and using the comb, backcomb until only a few strands are left. I typically don't pull more than approximately 15 strands at a time. If you're using a ManePuller, wrap the hair around the bar, clamp and pull. Comb through the mane again then once again assess your work for the longest hairs.

Pull until the mane is thin and even. Pull regularly! Make it a part of yours and your horse's routine.

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