Dave Sequist, ManePuller inventor

About Us

The ManePuller pulling tool was invented in 1991 by Dr. David Sequist, DVM, a top equine veterinarian in Vermont.

After hearing his clients complain about pulling manes and tails, he developed the ManePuller, the first device to address the problems that result from using a pulling comb: cut fingers, hurt wrists, and stressed-out horses.

ManePuller Grooming Tool in Metal

With it's creation, Dr. Sequist inadvertently created a new category for friendly, mane-thinning devices. The ManePuller's patented design continues to lead this category by being the only friendly device that is a true pulling tool. The ManePuller allows the groom to achieve the same results he would get using a pulling comb or his fingers, thereby producing a show-quality mane, but without the cut fingers and hurt wrists.

ManePuller is a Vermont company that uses professional experience to produce positive, solutions-oriented products for both horse and rider.

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